El peix que es mossega la cua

Red wine

14.00  iva inclòs

The beginning and the end, where everything begins and everything ends, where everything is still to be done and everything is possible. And it is there, under the sea, where it all began. In the foothills of one of the most emblematic mountains of our land: Montsant. Millions of years ago, the precipitation of calcium carbonate in the seabed formed the majestic conglomerates of Montsant. Tectonic plates that one day, as a result of the movements and energy of our planet, re-emerged to gift us with our beloved mountain range.

El peix que es mossega la cua is a rounded red wine, with character, a Mediterranean wine that gathers the best of our homeland. Grenache noir, Samsó and Sirah are Catalan varieties that will take us to the bottom of the sea where silence and calm reign.

Our sales unit are boxes of 6 bottles. Your order must be in boxes 6 by 6. You can combine the wines as you wish.

8 months of ageing in barrels
Grenache noir, Samsó and Syrah



Concours grenches du monde (France)
Silver medal

Akura wine awards (Japan)
Silver medal

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Remember that our sales unit are boxes of 6 bottles. Your order must be in boxes of 6 in 6, which you can combine with the wines you want.